Chairman McCaul: Leadership in Addressing the Foreign and Domestic Homeland Security Issues

The RNLA is pleased to announce that Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee will be addressing a special luncheon in New York City this Monday, June 8 where he will be discussing issues facing the committee from his perspective as Chair.

Recently, the Homeland Security Committee has tackled many important issues in recent hearings:


Terrorism Gone Viral: The Attack in Garland, Texas and Beyond


Chairman McCaul said:  “The proliferation of jihadist propaganda online has established a new front in our battle against Islamist extremists. We are no longer hunting terrorists living in caves who only communicate through couriers. We are facing an enemy whose messages and calls to violence are posted and promoted in real-time. For example, last month, the threat level at military bases across the country was elevated after ISIS supporters posted the names of individuals serving in the military online and quickly spread on social media.”


Passing Legislation Protecting Digital Networks From Dangerous and Destructive Cyber Attacks


Chairman McCaul said: “American companies will have the tools they need to better protect their digital networks with this legislation. We live in an ever-evolving threat environment where cyber attacks are personally affecting Americans, as well as our businesses and the government’s ability to defend the United States. Removing the legal barriers for the voluntary sharing of cyber threats will help keep malicious nation states and cyber criminals out of our vital digital networks. This bipartisan, pro-privacy, pro-security bill has been three years and hundreds of stakeholder meetings in the making. I look forward to moving this landmark bill over to the Senate and getting it to the President’s desk as quickly as possible.”


Cybersecurity Legislation


Chairman McCaul said: “This cybersecurity bill, now headed for the House Floor, is the result of extensive bipartisan coordination in Congress and months of regular meetings and consultation with industry and privacy advocates. This bill is supported by Republicans and Democrats alike because it protects Americans’ private information and encourages voluntary information-sharing about cyber threats to safeguard America’s digital networks. I thank the Members of the Committee for reporting out a bipartisan bill that helps protect America’s digital landscape.”


RNLA is very excited to host this leader in the fight to protect the homeland.  To sign up go here.   With questions or to RSVP for a pay at the door tickets (note prices increase at the door), email [email protected].