Radical DOJ Nominee Approved by Judiciary Continues Disturbing Trend by Dems

After a party-line vote, the nomination of Kristen Clarke to lead the DOJ Civil Rights Division will be sent to the full Senate for consideration. As the RNLA has repeatedly highlighted, Clarke's nomination is one of the most dangerous nominations made by the Biden Administration thus far. Prior to today's vote, Senator Cruz noted that Clarke "has spent her life on the extreme left-wing.”

So what are some of the major concerns that Republicans brought up during today's hearing?

Senator Lee pointed out that Clarke has differing views on voter intimidation depending on what party the perpetrator belongs to.

Ranking Member Grassley and Senator Lee highlighted Clarke's past remarks that indicate how she is in favor of chilling free speech.

One theme throughout the hearing was Clarke's support in the past for the "defund the police" movement. Democrats have tried to dodge the issue, but Clarke took a position on the issue in writing as recently as last year.

Senator Lee also highlighted Clarke's controversial and concerning views on race and past support for Tamika Mallory who was ousted from her position at the Women's March for Anti-Semitic comments.

Perhaps most concerning is Clarke's unwillingess to own up to her own viewpoints.

As Ranking Member Grassley pointed out, Clarke's nomination is a continuation of "the disturbing trend of highly politicized nominees," and she should be opposed.