Clinton Appointed Judge is Saying Clinton Violated “government policy."

Every day a new report comes out on Hillary Clinton’s emails and lies.  More and more classified emails have come out after her initial denial of any such emails.  The latest is dozens of emails were classified from the start.  However yesterday a damming single simple sentence was uttered by a judge that has been overlooked by some (emphasis ours):

After Justice Department lawyer Peter Wechsler argued that the open records law normally doesn’t allow for searches of government officials’ private accounts, the judge said he viewed it as an unusual situation because “there was a violation of government policy.”


The judge is U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan a Bill Clinton appointee.  In other words, a Clinton appointee is saying Clinton violated “government policy." 


Despite the Clinton campaign’s denials and the Department of Justice Department’s obstruction attempts this scandal continues to grow.