Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch!

Earlier today, Judge Neil Gorsuch was sworn in and became Justice Gorsuch, taking Justice Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court.  RNLA leaders expressed their congratulations to Justice Gorsuch:

RNLA Chair Kimberly Reed said: “Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated his immense intellectual abilities, clear legal writing skills, and fidelity to the Constitution throughout his ten-year career on the bench; and he will continue to serve the American people and uphold the rule of law as a United States Supreme Court Justice. His remarkable ability to build consensus with his colleagues in reaching decisions on difficult legal questions will be an asset as the highest court grapples with challenging legal cases.”

RNLA Co-Chair John Ryder agreed: “Judge Gorsuch is a worthy successor to Justice Scalia. I am delighted that President Trump has delivered on his promise to the American people to nominate someone who fits the mold of Justice Scalia. I am equally pleased that the Senate saw fit to honor the will of the people by confirming Judge Gorsuch.”

RNLA President Elliot Berke stated: “Throughout his long career, Judge Gorsuch has reached decisions by taking the words of the Constitution, statutes, regulations, or precedents seriously and then fairly applying the governing law to the facts of the case before him. This judicial method best protects the rights of every American, and Justice Gorsuch will serve in the tradition of Justice Scalia, protecting the rights of the people by deferring to the will of people expressed through their elected representatives. America will be a better place because of his service on the Supreme Court.” 

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen recognized the leadership of Senate Republicans throughout the confirmation process: “Thanks to the leadership of Leader McConnell, Senator Grassley, and the other Republican senators, the Democrats’ efforts to obstruct President Trump’s well-qualified nominee, and use him as a foil to attack President Trump and undermine the results of last November’s election, failed.” 

RNLA would also like to thank all our members and leaders who worked tirelessly in support of Justice Gorsuch's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

After pausing today to celebrate the confirmation and swearing in ceremonies of Justice Gorsuch, The Rep Lawyer will be returning to its regular programming of mostly election-related content for the remainder of this week.  In that spirit, check out our updated vote fraud news page here.