Congressman Scalise Fights Senate Dem Efforts to Amend Bill of Rights

In response to the Democrat’s proposed Political Equality Amendment, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise is proposing a House Resolution in support of the First Amendment. As Harry Reid and Senate Democrats aim to cull free political speech out from First Amendment protection, Congressman Scalise seeks to reaffirm the nation’s commitment to these protections.

The resolution reaffirms Congress’s commitment, “to the First Amendment to the Constitution and the vital freedom of speech protections it provides for Americans. . . . the First Amendment has been and is a beacon of light and freedom to the rest of the world in its protections to the American people from overreaching by the Government.”


The resolution reminds members of Congress of their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions inCitizens United and McCutcheon, Scalise also emphasizes that it is now clear, “the First Amendment provides broad freedom of speech protections to allow individuals to participate in the Nation's representative democracy.”


The resolution also warns that, “amending the Bill of Rights would erode those precious freedoms that strengthen the Nation's democracy.” The First Amendment is described as a “masterful design” that, “should not be tampered with or rewritten.”


Scalise is asking the House of Representatives to, “[reaffirm] its commitment to the First Amendment to the Constitution, as written, and the protections it affords to the American people that are vital to the Nation's democracy.”