Covington and Kavanaugh: The Left’s Continued Attack on Christianity

Last Friday, a group of students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were provoked and attacked because of their Catholic beliefs and outward support of President Trump by wearing hats that said “Make America Great Again.” The students and their parents have been faced with threats of attack and fear that their families will be destroyed; this is the same hostility that Justice Kavanaugh and his family faced during his hearing and confirmation process.

In an article in the National Review written by David French, he wrote that this same destruction and messaging:

[S]ent a shudder up the spine of husbands and wives during the Kavanaugh hearings. That’s the message that sends a shudder up the spine of moms and dads as we watch men and women try to ruin the Covington Catholic kids.

The attackers on the left are quick to rush to judgment and are slow to apologize or show remorse for their harsh words and actions. After the initial video, subsequent videos have surfaced showing that the Covington High School students were not the one’s provoking, but the ones being provoked.

[What] these videos showed was a small group of African-Americans who call themselves Hebrew Israelites hurling hateful things toward this group of high school students and anyone else who passed by. They called the students “crackers” and “pompous bastards,” and they called a priest walking by a “child molester.” The students did not react with force or violence or even insults. Instead, they asked permission to sing and chant their school spirit song in response, which is what they did, and what the video shows.

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that:

[T]his is actually “way worse” than the way Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was treated. … Not only was there a rush to judgment here, the initial story has been unquestionably debunked and yet some in the media and on the left still refuse to apologize for their initial attacks. … On top of everything else, we are talking about an attack on children. It’s so much worse than Kavanaugh and even more appalling.

Throughout the last few days, the media and the attackers from the left, have dived into a deep search into the history and past of Covington High School and their students, like they did during the Kavanaugh hearings. A Fox News article states that:

The situation is similar to what occurred when Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct during his confirmation process. Media members looked for scandalous details surrounding anything that occurred at Kavanaugh’s high school at the time of the allegations, much like the Times published a list of wrongdoings in the Covington area.

The Kavanaugh hearings and the treatment of students from Covington High School have showed us that:

[T]his is America in 2019, and it’s full of rage and hate. And parents of young men know that hostile people would instead want to destroy your child’s life. They would want to destroy your own livelihood. They would wish violence on him and you. They would try to destroy your school, and they would mock your faith. And then, even when their rage is proven to be unfounded, they would spend days hunting through your background and your school’s history to try to find some reason to hate you anyway.

These attacks are only the latest example of the progressive left’s hatred, hostility, and intolerance towards Christianity, and specifically Catholicism. Here is a list of recent attacks on the Christian faith during confirmation hearings:

September 2017 when Dianne Feinstein told Amy Coney Barrett, now confirmed to the Seventh Circuit: “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern.”

Last March, Feinstein demanded to know if Michael Scudder, now confirmed to the Seventh Circuit, worked with his parish “to establish a residential crisis pregnancy center.”

Last May, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island asked Peter J. Phipps, now confirmed as a district court judge, about the Knights [of Columbus].

Last October, Feinstein, Harris, and three other Democrats wanted to know about the relationship between Fourth Circuit nominee Allison Jones Rushing and the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit that supports religious liberty.

Last November, Feinstein asked Third Circuit nominee Paul Matey: “If confirmed, will you recuse yourself from all cases in which the Knights of Columbus have taken a position?”

In December, Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Mazie Hirono attacked a District Court nominee for his religious affiliation and membership in the Knight of Columbus.

Attacking adults who have had prominent careers and who are testifying to serve the country as a federal judge is one thing, but to attack a group of students is taking it too far.