Davis Introduces American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act

Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis has announced the introduction of the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act, a response to the radical elections legislation congressional Democrats have attempted (unsuccessfully) to pass.

As Ranking Member Davis explains for The Hill, the ACE Act will help states increase election integrity, including repealing obsolete federal laws that get in their way:

For example, the ACE Act makes it easier for states to issue photo voter IDs that confirm citizenship by reforming the existing REAL ID Act. The bill will also reform the voter list maintenance process to clarify states’ authority to ensure all eligible, registered voters are included on the rolls—and no one else. We’ll work to improve the U.S. Postal Service’s handling of election mail and ensure our election workers are recognized for the vital work they do. Further, the ACE Act will establish a federal forum for states to consider ways to improve signature verification, observer access, and delivery of ballots by mail to make sure we all benefit from their innovation.

However, the Constitution gives Congress responsibility over the District of Columbia. The ACE Act will implement best practices outlined in the model state legislation in Washington. A lot of false narratives on the left will quickly be debunked when commonsense measures like requiring a photo ID are implemented in such a liberal area with no negative impacts on turnout or effects in the outcome.

Finally, the last pillar of the bill is focused on protecting free speech. In an environment where Democrats are intent on silencing their political opponents, the ACE Act makes clear that speech from across the political spectrum is protected by the First Amendment. In the same vein, the bill strengthens state party committees and non-profit organizations while curbing the use of “Zuckerbucks” and prohibiting the creation of any “Misinformation Czar.” 

Today, the Committee on House Administration Republicans hosted a roundtable to discuss the ACE Act. Deputy Director Christina Norton represented RNLA at the meeting.
RNLA Deputy Director Christina Norton (center) attends Committee on House Administration roundtable to discuss ACE Act.
RNLA Deputy Director Christina Norton (left) presents at the roundtable while former RNLA President Elliot Berke (right) looks on.
We applaud Congressman Davis for leading the charge to increase the integrity of our elections without violating the principles of federalism. After the erosion of trust in our elections over the past few election cycles, this legislation is just what Americans need. As RNLA Deputy Director Christina Norton said during today's roundtable, "laws that stregthen election integrity increase voter confidence."