Deep Bench: Judge Gorsuch's Support Grows Ahead of Senate Hearing

There is a growing and resounding base of support for Judge Neil Gorsuch's swift and prompt confirmation ahead of his Senate confirmation hearing next week. Yesterday, The Washington Postpublished an opinion article by Jonathan H. Adler entitled "Judge Gorsuch attracts broad bipartisan support among legal elites." Adler presents a list of many legal heavy-hitters supporting Gorsuch and his confirmation. Below are some of the more notable examples and excerpts from Adler's piece demonstrating the breadth of Gorsuch's support.  

From liberal lawyer David C. Frederick: 

Gorsuch — my former law partner and longtime friend — is brilliant, diligent, open-minded and thoughtful. . . . Gorsuch’s approach to resolving legal problems as a lawyer and a judge embodies a reverence for our country’s values and legal system. The facts developed in a case matter to him; the legal rules established by legislatures and through precedent deserve deep respect; and the importance of treating litigants, counsel and colleagues with civility is deeply ingrained in him.

In an open, nonpartisan letter, entitled "Why We Support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court," some 50-plus of Judge Gorsuch's Harvard Law classmates penned a letter in support:  

We are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents; progressives, conservatives and moderates; religious and non-observant; married, single and divorced; men and women; straight and gay. Our group includes citizens residing abroad and a U.S. resident holding a green card. We live in big cities, rural America and places in between. Some of us supported Hillary Clinton, others voted for Donald Trump, while some of us supported third-party or write-in candidates. Some signatories believe in a more active judiciary, while others believe in judicial restraint. What unites us is that we attended law school with Judge Neil Gorsuch—a man we’ve known for more than a quarter century—and we unanimously believe Neil possesses the exemplary character, outstanding intellect, steady temperament, humility and open-mindedness to be an excellent addition to the United States Supreme Court.

About two weeks ago, nearly three dozen leading appellate litigatorsvoiced their support of Judge Gorsuch via a letter submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee leaders, Chairman Grassley and Ranking Member Feinstein: 

We write to express our strong support for Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. The undersigned are members of the Supreme Court bar with substantial experience before the Court. Collectively, we have argued more than 500 cases before the Court. Many of us, moreover, worked with Judge Gorsuch (or litigated against him) when he was in private practice; served alongside him in the Justice Department; or have appeared before him in the Court of Appeals. We hold a broad range of political, policy, and jurisprudential views. But we are unified in offering our support of Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. 

Fairminded, dedicated, smart, and unfailingly polite, Judge Gorsuch is someone all of us would be pleased to appear before. He is principled in his approach to the law, but also keenly aware of practical consequences. He is a thoroughly kind and decent person. Respectful of colleagues and counsel alike, Judge Gorsuch has the unusual combination of character, dedication, and intellect that would make him an asset to our Nation’s highest court.  

With such a deep bench of support from across the legal spectrum, Judge Gorsuch deserves a swift "up or down vote." Judge Gorsuch's Senate hearing is scheduled to begin next week on Monday, March 20th.