Democrat Vote Fraud Allegations in Iowa Show Need for Partisian Observers

Following up on yesterday’s post, we have to again point out the hypocrisy of liberals on the issue of vote fraud.  As this story headlines, Iowa: Sanders Calls For Raw Vote Count Amid Reports Of Voter Fraud And Missing Votes:

Bernie Sanders has asked the Democratic Party to release a raw vote count from the Iowa caucuses due to concerns of voter fraud and missing votes.

Briefly, the details are:

Campaign aides for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Monday night that the Democratic Party did not collect the results of 90 Iowa precincts, which is about 5 percent of all votes cast in the state, because the party had failed to properly staff the precincts.

Rania Batrice, a spokeswoman for the campaign based in Iowa, said that the party reached out to the campaigns of Mr. Sanders and Hillary Clinton and asked them to help tally the results. “It’s just offensive that they dropped the ball like this,” she said. “It’s ridiculous.”

While we do not know the merit of these allegations, it does point out the need for sunshine on the election process.  One of the best ways to guarantee sunshine is observers from both parties overseeing supposedly impartial election officials.  Often, poll watchers can help election officials.  While denying Sanders' allegations, the party needs exactly this sort of help as it is allegedly turning to the campaigns for answers:

"We have reached out to the campaigns for help in contacting the chairs for our outstanding precincts," the official said in a statement.

"We are not taking results from the campaigns. We are taking them from the chairs who are in these precincts."

The Iowa Democrats did not elaborate as to why the campaigns may have a better handle on where the party's precinct chairs are than the party itself.

While caucuses are a unique election system, elections generally are often messy affairs and the presence of trained observer, even a partisan one, can help with the process.