Democrats and Republicans Agree Iran Deal is a Bad Deal

In a world where Tehran shouts “Death to America,” Obama strikes a newIran nuclear agreement that is much weaker than his administration originally pitched. Many leaders note that the agreement is certain to lead to the emergence of a nuclear Iran.

The financial and economic sanctions against the Iran regime will drop, and new sanctions cannot be applied without a dispute resolution. The international community will assist Iran in nuclear research, and Iran will only grant the International Atomic Energy Agency limited access for inspections and reports. To receive these benefits, Iran must only limit its nuclear enrichment activities for eight years, limit its enriched uranium stockpile to 300 kg, and limit its research and development.


Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) warns,

Instead of making the world less dangerous, this ‘deal’ will only embolden Iran — the world’s largest sponsor of terror — by helping stabilize and legitimize its regime as it spreads even more violence and instability in the region…Instead of stopping the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, this deal is likely to fuel a nuclear arms race around the world.

Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Representative Ed Royce (R-CA) stated,

The Obama Administration failed to mention that addressing the Iran nuclear program meant taking restrictions off.  The restrictions on Iran’s uranium stockpile only last 10 years and most Americans will take three times longer to pay off their mortgages. Once expired, Iran could enrich Uranium on an industrial scale and an international market like France. This agreement would endorse all these actions. The US and its allies will be left with no effective measures to prevent Iran from initiating an execrated nuclear program to produce a nuclear weapon.

Former U.S. Senator and Democrat Nominee for Vice President Joe Lieberman spoke to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and advised,

This deal is much more risk for America and reward for Iran than should be in this agreement…The anti-American and anti-Sunni Iran will have nuclear weapons. Iran’s nuclear capabilities were previously unacceptable and are now they are inevitable.

Even current Democrats such as Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL) have concerns such as:

Why do we believe that Iran’s dangerous support for terror groups won't return in 5 years or that its desire for ballistic missile material will wane in 8 years?...The agreement cannot just be judged in the absence of an deal today, tomorrow, or 60 days from but also must be analyzed by what will happen under an agreement in 5 years, 8 years, 10 years and beyond.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) also released a statement opposing the deal and provided five requirements for a good deal with Iran.