Democrats Are Losing at Their Own Game

There are several take-aways from this week’s hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We now know that Democrats will stop at nothing to lie, deflect, and accuse innocent people in order to try to hurt President Trump.

RNLA Vice President of Communications, Harmeet Dhillon, takes a deep dive into what’s really going on in Washington

At their heart, clownish performances aside, the hearings confirmed what we already knew: President Trump was legitimately elected, despite President Obama’s knowledge of Russian interference attempts, and Democrats still can’t come to grips with this reality, two and a half years later.

Democrats’ deep angst at the Mueller investigation’s failure to uncover their hoped-for evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia manifested Wednesday with Democrats attacking Attorney General Barr’s character—even though that strategy failed spectacularly during his confirmation hearing—and his proper handling of the flawed Mueller report, with cringe-inducing defamation of President Trump thrown in.

Despite the attacks, AG Barr stood firm in his position and the facts backed him up every time.

Attorney General Barr was unflappable in the face of the Democrats’ strained questions, parrying their insinuations, baseless personal attacks, and unfounded allegations with careful reminders of the relevant law and established facts. Senator Mazie Hirono’s anti-Trump and anti-Barr rant was so extreme and devoid of any basis in reality that Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chastised her for slandering Barr and threatened to shut down the hearing.

Senate Democrats flailed, trying desperately to characterize inadvisable actions as illegal and characterizing any actions by the president not to welcome the Mueller investigation with open arms as obstruction of justice.

Senator Harris’ questions, grandstanding for later-in-the-day fundraising efforts for her 2020 presidential campaign, seemed to imply that Robert Mueller’s work should have been double-checked by the attorney general personally.

Democrats in DC and the media nationwide have been proclaiming lies for two years, tarnishing Trump’s legitimate place as President. America is now seeing through their baseless conspiracy theories. But somehow Democrats still won’t end their tirade.

While petulant Democrats refuse to accept the conclusion of the investigation, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee were asking hard questions: why was the lengthy investigation into the Trump campaign opened while the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails and documents was brief and shallow, and the Mueller investigation did not include the Steele dossier, Carter-Page FISA applications, or any of the damaging actions taken by the Obama-Biden Department of Justice to undermine the Trump campaign.

Democrats are so afraid of an attorney general – finally – manifestly willing to do his duty to expose the rot, corruption, mendacity, and betrayals in our law enforcement apparatus working hand in hand with political partisans in the media and in elected government, that they are taking ever-riskier gambles.

These attacks on the rule of law itself are so hysterical that they threaten to drown out 2020 Democrats seeking to advance their far-left radical policy agendas. And the noise and drama threaten to turn off an electorate weary of this sordid episode in American history.

Senator Thom Tillis rightfully stated that the “new normal” is when Democrats have no legal basis for indictment, they try to indict for political reasons; and if Democrats cannot do that, they attack the integrity of the messenger.

It’s all a political game to them. Thankfully, Republicans are beating them at it every time, because the truth is on our side.