Democrats Fighting for Zombies, While Republicans Try to Protect the Living

There are problems with the dead registering in Virginia and voting in Colorado and California.  The most common way that the dead are fraudulently "voting" is via absentee ballot.  It is hard for zombies to actually get the polls.  The respective parties could not take a more radically different approach. 

Republicans like those in Virginia have proposed making absentee ballots less susceptible to fraud by measures such as 2015’s HB1318, which stated:

Applications for absentee ballots; photo identification required. Requires that any voter submitting his application for an absentee ballot by mail or by electronic or telephonic transmission to a facsimile device shall submit with his application a copy of one of the forms of identification acceptable under current law. The bill exempts from this requirement military and overseas voters and persons with a disability. Currently, only a voter who completes his application for an absentee ballot in person is required to show a form of identification.

This was vetoed by former DNC Chair and friend of the Clinton’s, Governor Terry McAuliffe. 


Democrats on other side continue in their efforts to bring chaos and discord to the election process regarding absentee ballots.  As the nonpartisan Lawyers Democracy Fund describes it:

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against Florida on equal protection grounds to remove a key integrity check of Florida’s mail voting process. The signature review requires a comparison of the mail ballot signature and the registration signature on file by the Florida Supervisor of Elections. If the signatures do not match, the ballot is rejected. The plaintiffs seek a last minute judicially created cure period for only some of these non-signature match voters because the truly absent voters or military overseas voters would not have an opportunity to update their signature. The lawsuit comes less than 35 days prior to the November 8 Presidential Election with millions of ballots already being mailed to voters. The current mail ballot rules have been in place for years, and mail ballots have already been sent to tens of thousands of overseas and military voters.  Absentee or mail balloting is already vulnerable to fraud and abuse without an ID requirement. Removing one of the key integrity measures increases the likelihood of potential fraud.  

So in a nutshell, the Democrats are supporting efforts to disenfranchise legal voters through vote fraud; Democrats are trying to take away even the few safeguards there are for absentee ballots.  Zombies or the dead are not a protected class under the Constitution and should not have their votes counted