Democrats Have "Egg All Over Their Faces" Over Mueller Report

After a long wait, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian collusion is finally complete and a summary by Attorney General Bill Barr has been released.  RNLA's Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Fox News over the weekend to analyze the Mueller report and how the Democrats' "hysterical" claims have been shown to be false:

Well, certainly the President or his relatives or other people close to him were not indicted, while Democrats were saying -- Adam Schiff on down, [former CIA Director John] Brennan, and others -- were saying they were sure he was going to be indicted for serious crimes.  Brennan has gone on to say that he's committed treason.  Other things that were claimed by Democrats hysterically throughout this last two years did not happen, like interference by the President in the investigation, like any evidence of any kind of conspiracy -- we haven't seen any of that come out.  The indictments that have come out are of people who were close to the President that never would have been indicted were they not close to the President.  They weren't indicted for collusion.  They weren't indicted for any crimes that the Democrats claimed were going to be uncovered here.  And a lot of those indictments are of some Russians who are never going to make their way into the United States.

This was a disgrace from top to bottom, an abuse of power [that] I think will end up tracing back to the Obama Administration. No President, Democrat or Republican, should ever have the wheels of justice turned against him like this as was done in this politicized manner. . . .

It is absolutely clear that the investigation was thorough, it was lengthy, there was over $25 million spent.  And Democrats want the Department of Justice to set aside the ground rules [regarding public release of the report], and we need to have a situation where those rules are followed.  But I, like many other Republicans, would absolutely like to see the report to the extent that it should not be redacted by other rules, and I would also like to see some of that underlying evidence, to the extent that it's consistent with DOJ rules.  And I would also like to see the Attorney General then go investigate the people who perpetrated this in the first place.

And today (after commenting on the newest revelations regarding one-time 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti), Ms. Dhillon commented on whether Democrats will continue to promote their "Russian collusion" narrative:

Well, if they do, I personally, as a Republican official, am happy about that because I think the public is sick of it that and it will only make them look bad. They have egg all over their faces. . . . If they want to keep that in the public eye, go ahead; I think that's disgraceful and it doesn't really serve their constituents very well.

Regarding whether Attorney General Barr left anything open with regard to obstruction and collusion:

I don't think so, not at all.  I think that Mueller did a cop-out there at the end, not making a decision; it was his job to make a recommendation.  I think it was a soft hit at the President to do that, so Barr cleaned it up and left no doubt.  There is no doubt at this point that the President has been totally cleared from collusion and obstruction charges.

Thank you, Attorney General Barr, for clarifying the ambiguities left by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his report, and thank you, Harmeet, for reminding us how the Democrats have been using the "Russian collusion" narrative to attack and undermine the President for the past two years and how all of their rhetoric has proven baseless.