Democrats Intimidate Voters with Baseball Bats, Republicans with Voter Guides

Every cycle the Democrats and their allies on the left make unfounded allegations of intimidation against Republicans, yet they remain silent on actual intimidation. 

The strongest example yet of the hypocrisy is in North Carolina where Democrats were mad about a Republican voter guide being passed out.  The response to a perfectly legal voter guide by one North Carolina Democrat official is to call it a (bold emphasis added):

“cheap psychology is being used and some voters don’t know any better and think the culprit is being sincere. We need enough volunteers at both sites and also on Election day to NIP THIS IN THE BUD even if a baseball bat is necessary.”

This is clear intimidation.  Under pressure from the North Carolina GOP, the Democrat Party official retracted this.  To their credit, the Democrat Party of North Carolina condemned it as well. 

However, while RNLA condemned reports of alleged anonymoussupporters of Mr. Trump discussing intimidation, no national figure or group on the left has even commented on the actual calls for intimidation by a North Carolina Democrat official

Why?  It certainly leads credibility to those who say:

Democrats have little concrete to show for a week of legal battles charging Donald Trump and his allies with a sweeping voter intimidation campaign, but the effort may pay off politically for Hillary Clinton by energizing her backers to get to the polls to stop a real or imagined GOP onslaught.  

No one should forget the actual intimidation that has taken place in North Carolina with the firebombing of a North Carolina GOP headquarters andpolitical vandalism.  This make the comments even more troubling.