Democrats Lose All Credibility with FEC Nominee

Democrats have spent the last two years criticizing even the slightest concerns expressed by conservatives about the integrity of U.S. elections. Then why did the Biden Administration nominate Dara Lindenbaum to fill a seat on the Federal Election Commission (FEC)? As the Washington Examiner reports, Lindenbaum signed on to allegations that lacked credibility about the outcome of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election:

In a lawsuit she filed in November 2018 on behalf of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams's nonprofit group, she signed her name to several bad-faith allegations, many of which had already been debunked at that time. But one of these allegations truly stands out for its brazen fearmongering and lack of credible evidence: the charge that faulty or rigged voting machines were actually switching voters' choices when they went to vote in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.

Under penalty of perjury, Lindenbaum signed her name to a complaint alleging that "voting machines switched ... votes from Leader Stacey Abrams to Secretary [and now-Gov. Brian] Kemp." She was representing the nonprofit organization created by Abrams, the Democratic nominee who lost that race by nearly 55,000 votes and is on track to lose again for governor this year.

Ironically, Abrams's group and her attorneys have since withdrawn the allegation about machines changing votes from Abrams to Kemp. . .

The withdrawal of this extremely serious allegation in a still-active lawsuit that might depend on it casts additional doubts upon its veracity. Indeed, one can conclude that its truth or falsity mattered little to Lindenbaum and the other attorneys who signed the original complaint. As officers of the court, attorneys are not permitted to say just say whatever their clients want — they are forbidden from repeating facts or making allegations that they know to be false.

Senator Ted Cruz addressed this concern during Lindenbaum's confirmation hearing earlier this week, where she affirmed her willingness to attach her name to the case.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr sent a letter to the Senate Rules Committee urging them to reject Lindenbaum's nomination:

“It would be a travesty to grant Dara Lindenbaum a seat on the FEC when she has spent the last four years in Georgia undermining our election system, perpetuating false claims of voter suppression, and pushing unfounded conspiracy theories that our voting machines ‘switched’ votes from failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to Brian Kemp in 2018,” said Carr.

“The FEC is structured as an independent agency that seeks to uphold the integrity of elections, and Lindenbaum’s egregious attempts to invalidate Georgia’s election system based on allegations manufactured by the Abrams campaign should be cause for alarm. Her appointment would significantly harm efforts to restore Americans' confidence in our elections, and I strongly urge the Senate to reject this nomination.”

By supporting a nominee like Dara Lindenbaum, Democrats have once again shown that they have different standards for liberals and conservatives. While the FEC mostly handles campaign finance, its commissioners should not be willing to undermine confidence in any area of our elections.