Democrats Obstruct and Delay Trump's Nominees

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen wrote today in the Daily Callerabout how Senate Democrats are obstructing and delaying President Trump's nominees on an unprecedented scale:

Last month, President Trump claimed that the confirmation process for his cabinet had been “record-setting long — and I mean record-setting long — with some of the finest people in our country being delayed and delayed and delayed.”  Trump’s cabinet nominees were pending with the Senate for 25 days, on average, compared to zero to two days, on average, for the last three presidents.  Fourteen of them went through the cloture process, compared to just seven of President Obama’s cabinet nominees during his entire tenure.  Even the Washington Post recognized that Trump has “faced unusually sustained opposition for a new president” and gave his claim a rare Geppetto Checkmark, reserved for claims that are “surprisingly correct.” . . .  

No Democratic senator has returned a blue slip, a Senate tradition allowing senators to give approval for a judicial nominee from their state to move forward, for any of President Trump’s judicial nominees.  Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen was nominated to the Sixth Circuit back on May 8.  Michigan voters re-elected Justice Larsen with 57 percent of the vote in 2016, and she is widely respected.  Yet Michigan has two Democrat senators, and her nomination may be delayed so that they can toe the party line laid down by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. 

Only three of Trump’s nominee’s to the U.S. Department of Justice have been confirmed. . . . Noel Francisco’s nomination to be solicitor general, the number three position in the Justice Department, has been pending since April 24. . . . Most recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has signaled that Democrats intend to engage in wholesale obstruction of all U.S. Attorney nominees. . . .  

Democrats are traditionally the party of big government, looking to government for solutions to all of life’s problems, big and small.  But what we have learned since President Trump took office is that Democrats only look to the government when they are in control of it.  They are perfectly happy to obstruct government’s operation—and ignore the will of the people as expressed through our system of representative government—when they do not control the levers of power.

Mr. Thielen calls for an end to the delay and attacks tactics and for the American people to tell Democratic senators that they oppose "obstruction of qualified nominees in the Senate."