Democrats on Tour Attacking Ballot Integrity Laws

Democrats have taken to a nationwide inquisition questioning the election laws and voting processes of Republican-leaning states that Trump won in 2016. Under the guise of topics like “voting rights”, the House Subcommittee on Elections has been conducting field hearings from North Dakota and Ohio to Texas and Georgia.

Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) serves as Ranking Member on the Committee on House Administration. Following the latest field hearing in Cleveland, Rep. Davis released his statement…

“I have consistently supported states creating and maintaining effective election processes. As seen with H.R. 1 and these field hearings, the majority [Democrats] continues to push for federalizing elections instead of assisting and empowering states to implement processes that are best for their citizens unique needs.”

On the subject of voter lists, Rep. Davis shared his perspective…

“The Supreme Court has upheld the practice and importance of maintaining voter lists as well as the National Voter Registration Act requiring list maintenance.

I am confident we can administer this important voting practice in a nondiscriminatory way to ensure all registered voters can exercise their right to vote.

Despite efforts to characterize the practice of voter list maintenance as voter purging, we must weigh the benefits of list maintenance that serves an important role in keeping down election costs, minimizing any existing voter confusion, and reducing long lines at polling locations.”

Regardless of the partisan talking points you might hear from liberals, the fact remains that measures which support ballot integrity do not equal voter suppression – instead they equal free and fair elections. Rep. Davis drove this point home by pointing to the success of voter participation in Ohio – one of the states Democrats have targeted on their tour.

“The voter turnout increased in the state of Ohio by 15% in the last midterm election, and we should continue to build on that increase in voters.”

Thanks to Rep. Rodney Davis and House Republicans for standing up for state sovereignty and continuing to counter Democrats’ political games.