Democrats Ongoing War on Cleaning Up Voter Registration Lists

Yesterday we wrote about how the Democrat Co-Chair of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration Bob Bauer’s own firm brought a suit against a state effort to clean up voter lists that was so without merit a Virginia judge dismissed the suit saying the suit had “not presented any evidence” of their predictable and merit-less allegations of racism.

Yesterday a court in Kansas seemed poised to do it again on another related subtopic of list maintenance, making sure non-citizens do not vote. 


This time another ally of Mr. Bauer, the Obama Justice Department, is fighting against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts to remove non-citizens from the voting rolls.  On the surface, how can the Democrats even fight against this effort? As always the left conveniently omits that anyone wrongly or mistakenly removed can still vote a provisional ballot.  It should be a no-brainer that non-citizens are not allowed to vote in US elections. 


However, as Christian Adams points out the same DOJ that refuses to enforce previously existing laws regarding the maintaining of voting rollsalso will go to extreme links to oppose others efforts to maintain accurate voting rolls. 


The Federal Judge in Kansas said in part:


A judge strongly questioned Tuesday whether a federal commission has the authority to prevent Kansas and Arizona from demanding proof-of-citizenship documents from people trying to register to vote using federal forms.


Judge Eric Melgren repeatedly pressed Department of Justice lawyer Bradley Heard to explain how a Supreme Court decision last year on Arizona's proof-of-citizenship law allows the federal Election Assistance Commission to reject requests from Arizona and Kansas to add state-law requirements to the instructions for filling out the voting form.


. . . While the law doesn't explicitly state the EAC can overrule states on proof of citizenship, Heard said the legislative history shows that requiring document proof was considered and rejected by Congress.


"I've read the legislative history, and I'm not very impressed by it," Melgren responded.


Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach represented both Kansas and Arizona in the hearing. He's seeking a ruling that would require all new registrants in those states to provide document proof of citizenship regardless of whether they use a state or federal form.



DOJ’s efforts are the latest part of the liberal war against maintaining accurate voter rolls.  The irony that the same DOJ that refuses to enforce the federal laws regarding list maintenance is going after a state for trying to have accurate voting rolls should not be lost on anyone.  Of course this is just the latest example of the Democrats giving lip service to accurate voter rolls but in reality fighting efforts to achieve that goal.