Democrats Want Voter ID for Their Elections to Stop Fraud

While the majority of people regardless of party support ID to vote, the liberal and Democrat political establishment oppose it. . . for general elections.  This week we saw a different example where non-establishment Democrats claimed a intraparty election was stolen because of voting without proper ID:

Ellis, the former director of Emerge America, a women’s political organization, lost the election by a narrow margin of 62 votes out of 3,000 cast. Her loss immediately set off protests from hundreds of her backers, many of whom charged that there were irregularities that included allowing voters to cast proxy ballots without proper ID.

We aren’t surprised.  Democrats have long required ID AND enforced ID requirements for their events.  That they didn’t here, either causing a stolen election or a credible claim of one.  A past example:

But when it comes to union elections, Big Labor is much, much more comfortable with picture ID cards. Just last Thursday, Baltimore educators voted on a new labor contract. “We have seven voting places,” union boss Marietta English told talk show host Marc Steiner. “And all you need is your picture ID. And you must be a member of the Baltimore Teachers Union.”

Or of course the DNC itself has a long history of requiring ID at conventions, see this from 2012.

The DNC’s website says that “all pickup persons must have a state-issued ID that matches the name submitted” to receive credentials. Media members attending the DNC have to present photo IDs at multiple checkpoints.

We could go on but suffice it to say it is rank hypocrisy to require ID as a tool to stop fraud and inspire confidence at Democrat Party and Labor elections, but not for general elections of the American voting public at large.