Dems are Building a Record to Ram Through Radical Election Legislation

The Democrats are building a record to ram through their next radical proposal for the U.S. electoral system, H.R.4. They admitted as much themselves today during a hearing titled, "Voting In America: A National Perspective On The Right To Vote, Methods Of Election, Jurisdictional Boundaries, And Redistricting." Today's meeting was the latest in what will be a long series of House hearings on elections; when all is said and done, there will be 15 hearings in total.

Right off the bat, the Chair of House Admin's Subcommittee on Elections, G. K. Butterfield, claimed that there had been a wave of voter suppression despite recent record voter participation.

This shouldn't be surprising. The Democrats' endgame is a federal takeover over our elections, and they will use all they can to further that goal.

As panelist Sara Frankenstein pointed out, reinstituting the VRA's outdated preclearance requirements would not be a solution to underlying causes of voting difficulties at the local level.

One of the most contentious points of the hearing was when Rep. Bryan Steil called out former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for representing himself as a non-partisan figure in the redistricting space. This was a laughable argument considering Holder is chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

The onslaught of hearings by the House Democrats is just a setup for their next power grab attempt. But Democrats would be wise to consider whether the American people support such extreme measures. As the Public Interest Legal Foundation's Christian Adams put it: "People do not want radical leftists micromanaging elections."