Despite Liberals' Fear Mongering, Accurate Census Has 90% Support

While Drudge Report and other places are reporting President Trump’s 50% approval rating, there is another number that many have missed that is much higher.  In another poll by Rasmussen nearly 90% approve of an accurate census and 66% approve of asking a person’s citizenship as part of the decennial census of 2020:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 89% of American Adults agree it’s at least somewhat important for the government to get as accurate a count of the U.S. population as possible in the U.S. Census, including 69% who say it’s Very Important.

This is yet another sign that inclusion of a citizenship question in the census should not be controversial.  Yet, it remains controversial to Democrat and liberal political operatives.  Their concerns are about disclosure of such information to agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  However this is the really fear mongering as there are laws in place to protect this, as Politifact details (emphasis in original):

Can Census citizenship information be shared with other government agencies, including ICE?

A "72-Year Rule" prevents the public disclosure of personally identifiable information to any other individual or agency until 72 years after its collection.

An accurate census is required by the Constitution and important for many government activities.  The vast majority of Americans agree that asking about citizenship should be part of the census.