DHILLON: Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Use The Coronavirus Package To Get Ahead On Election Day

RNLA Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon wrote an insightful opinion piece in The Daily Caller today.

She addressed Speaker Pelosi’s outrageous attempts to nationalize the elections as part of the legislation to fund victims of the coronavirus.

“Where the rest of the country sees a crisis and a need to work together as a nation to combat it, Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees a dazzling opportunity to extort extreme policy goals from her colleagues as her toll for allowing safe passage to critical recovery funds to reach American families, workers, and businesses.”

Our nation is suffering. Now is not the time for Democrats to overhaul US elections.

Democrats in Congress are more concerned with altering laws to benefit their own campaigns than they are with putting much-needed aid into the pockets of the American people and small businesses.

Here are the three election administration provisions that Pelosi forced into the House package for COVID-19.

“First, it would allow ballot harvesting nationwide. Any person would be allowed to return an unlimited number of absentee ballots for voters and could even be paid as long as he or she is not paid based on the number of ballots returned.

Second, it would require same-day voter registration for every federal election starting this November, meaning more time and interaction between poll workers and voters at a polling place on Election Day.

Third, it would require at least 15 days of early voting for every federal election starting this November… Election workers at the start of this period could be exposed and eventually infect thousands of people in the ensuing two weeks."

Make no mistake. This has nothing to do with keeping voters safe from the coronavirus.

Democrats have one goal in mind: nationalize US elections with laws that benefit their own re-election at the ballot box.

Speaker Pelosi and Democrats in Washington are so consumed with undermining election integrity, that they are literally holding desperately needed aid to the American people hostage. As Harmeet Dhillon says, “In these times of emergency we need to hew to existing safeguards to ensure that only citizens are voting, voting only once and voting safely.”

We are also grateful to Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R) on the Committee on House Administration for his leadership in protecting election integrity and calling out the Democrats for their partisan tactics. Read their memo here.

"It's despicable that while Americans are struggling, Democrats have chosen to not only block much needed assistance for the American People in the Senate, but then introduced legislation that is nothing but a dangerous ploy to federalize elections.

States are already working around the clock to keep their elections functioning during this national emergency. The last thing they need is for the federal government to impose unnecessary and time consuming mandates," said Ranking Member Davis.