Did Al Sharpton Pick the Attorney General Nominee?

The Daily Caller has an interesting article whether Loretta Lynch is the choice of vote fraud committer Al Sharpton.  Sharpton is arguably the leading vote fraud denier on the left and even has provided standing ovations to those who are convicted of vote fraud.  Regardless of whether this is Sharpton’s pick or not she has some potentially troubling views on voting as disclosed in a recent video that has surfaced.   At a minimum she should be thoroughly questioned on these matters.  Those views are:

Mandela and King knew we had to continue working.  . . . 50 years after the March on Washington, 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement, we stand in this country at a time when we see people trying to take back so much of what Dr. King fought for.  We stand in this country. People try and take over the State House and reverse the goals that have been made in voting in this country.


But I’m proud to tell you that the Department of Justice has looked at these laws and looked at what’s happening in the Deep South, and in my home state of North Carolina has brought lawsuits against those voting rights changes that seek to limit our ability to stand up and exercise our rights as citizens. And those lawsuits will continue.


There are many potential problems with this statement but we will highlight two right now. 


1.The Department of Justice literally lost one of the voting cases in the “Deep South” of South Carolina so badly that they had to pay attorney’s fees.  Further, Voter ID has been upheld in the Supreme Court. 

2.Nelson Mandela supported voter ID.  


We are looking forward to her hearing to see how she answers for this speech and how she will handle voting in the all-important 2016 election.