Did John Lewis Admit that Liberals are Lying on Early Voting?

It is the mantra of the left and Democrats that early and expanded absentee voting increases turnout, especially for minorities.  Well, at least publicly that is the mantra.  The reality is Democrats know that this is not true.  Don’t take our word for it; take the word of eight liberal House Democrats including 1960s civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis of Georgia who wrote in a letter to the Government Accounting Office:

Some federal, state, and local governments have attempted to make voting easier by expanding early and absentee voting. Despite these efforts, GAO reported in 2012 that there is limited evidence to show that these interventions increased turnout overall or among groups that historically had lower levels of turnout.

In other words, early voting does not hurt turnout among minorities.  Everyone who has studied the issue knows this but it is very significant that in addition to Lewis a number of leading minority Democrats’ signed this leader such as ranking Oversight and Government Reform Member Elijah Cummings and Rep. Danny Davis who voted against counting the electoral votes in Ohio for President George W. Bush in 2004.  The eight Democrats made this statement on a letter on voting technology to the GAO on March 4 of this year. 

The signers of this letter are among the most partisan members of the House unlike other Democrat early voting opponents such as the Democrat Secretary of State of New Hampshire Bill Gardner. 

This is further proof that the efforts by the left to cry racism and vote suppression in regards to efforts to oppose increased absentee or early voting are, at best, merely a partisan ploy.  Of course, at worse expanded absentee and early voting makes vote fraud easier. 


Regardless, expanding early voting and absentee voting needs to stop as even a 1960s civil rights leader such as Congressman John Lewis admits that early voting does not increase turnout for minorities.