Did Obama Crony Violate Hatch Act for NYC Mayor?

A New York Republican activist is blowing the whistle on an Obama crony. Republican leader E. O'Brien Murray recently made a Hatch Act compliant against the US Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard. Previously, Gaspard was a close advisor to President Obama who led Obama's political affairs office before being installed by the president as the executive director of the Democratic National Committee.

The basis of Murray's complaint concerns Gaspard's relationship with new New York City Mayor (and ultra liberal) Bill de Blasio. Gaspard and de Blasio are old friends and even worked together in the '90s to found the ACORN-backed Working Families Party of New York State.


According to Murray's complaint as well as admissions from Gaspard and de Blasio, Gaspard, while serving as an Ambassador, regularly communicated with and advised Bill de Blasio during his primary and general election campaigns for New York City Mayor. This, according to Murray, is a prohibited activity by a federal employee like Gaspard.



De Blasio, as you would expect, is defending his old friend and saying his conduct was completely appropriate. Let's hope that federal authorities get to the bottom of this so the American people can be sure their public officials are public servants and not partisan hacks.