Disappearing Operatives Commit Vote Fraud to Make Vote Fraud Easier

The Brennan Center and other groups focused on supporting the Democrat Party try to very narrowly define vote fraud as in person impersonation.  It is much broader than that.  

Recently we had a post about how officials in Philadelphia were putting votes on the machine before the election Today we have a post on how people are cheating to make it easier to cheat, voting early for very long periods. 

Four people are facing felony charges over fraudulent signatures on a 2014 initiative petition that unsuccessfully sought to put an early-voting proposal on the Missouri ballot, [Democrat] Secretary of State Jason Kander said Monday. 

As is often the case the fraudsters seem to be national Democrat operatives, most of which have disappeared and left the area

Forgery warrants also were issued for Tracy Renee Jones, Danny Lawrence Williams and Rogell Coker Jr., according to court records. None had publicly listed phone numbers in Missouri, and court   

The measure, backed by Democratic-aligned groups, would have created the longest early voting period in the nation.

The fraud being uncovered is just the tip of the iceberg and the sole person being prosecuted an even smaller subset.

Republican Sen. Will Kraus, who is running for secretary of state in 2016, criticized Kander for not pursuing cases in other counties, pointing to a study paid for by a Republican political consultant that found potential fraud in dozens of counties.


Vote fraud is much more than impersonation and liberal operatives are coming up with new ways to commit it.