Disunity and Elitism at the DNC Convention – Beyond Reality TV

After the GOP convention, all eyes turned to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, and what a slow motion train wreck it has been.  Once you get past the lies and blatant attempts to deceive the American people, you can start to see that even the most tenured of Democrats are not buying the garbage spewing forth from the stage. There have been walkouts, consistent “booing” frequently when Clinton’s name is mentioned, and even resignations in the first few days. The DNC is in a tailspin plummeting toward the ground at a high rate of speed.

Before the convention even started, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida was forced to step down after several thousand internal DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks. Some of the emails contain attempts by the DNC to exert control over the message being spread by the media, which clearly reinforces the well-known fact that media readily caters to and communicates with the DNC, putting a leftist spin on real news and painting it as reality.

But the real story in the leaked emails is the fall of Bernie Sanders. He consistently raised questions about the impartiality of the Democratic Party during the primaries. He was right - the DNC actively conspired against his campaign and in support of Hillary. The party enabled a scandal-laden Hillary Clinton to steal the nomination away from him. This is not Democracy nor is it fair.

“Myself and other Democrats who were Clinton supporters, we have been saying this was serious. It truly violates what the DNC’s proper role should be,” said Edward G. Rendell, a former DNC chairman and former Pennsylvania governor.

“The DNC did something incredibly inappropriate here” and needed to acknowledge that, Rendell said.

In the midst of the drama, one cannot help but pause and reflect on what would have happened without a corrupt DNC functioning off of a system rigged to negate the American public’s vote. As a point of clarity, Sanders is a crazy socialist and I put very little stock in much of anything that he says; however, that does not give his party the right to override America’s choice.  We vote for what we believe. Bernie believes what he preached. You can see that on his face when he speaks, and he lives it and owns it like few politicians on the left have over the years.  That does not make him right, but it does make him different. Americans believed him and that is what matters in our system, or at least it should be.  It became abundantly clear to many (both Republicans and Democrats) watching the primaries progress that Sanders was gaining steam and arguably could have won were it not for the completely rigged super delegate system that enabled Clinton to hang on for the win.

Clinton’s camp is continuing to scream unity over the chorus of “Boos” at the convention, but that unity is not for the voters, and many have started to realize that division most certainly exists between average Americans and the left’s political elite. That unity is not for Americans. That unity is not for Bernie. That unity is for DNC’s inner circle alone.  

The fact is that Democrats have now proven that they are no longer the party of the people.  Despite my personal disagreements with Bernie on just about every possible policy, I genuinely feel bad for the man. His run was admirable and instead of accepting the nomination, he is forced to deal with this travesty that is slap in the face to every American voter in this country. At least for Republicans, our voice still matters and our leaders are strong enough to uphold the will of the American people rather than cave to political corruption and elitism.

The DNC consistently states that they support the people, yet their actions paint a starkly different picture. The Democrats' goal is most certainly not to ensure that the people have a voice in their government.  This is yet another scandal feather that the Clintons can put in their already brimming caps.