Dr. Gorka to Address RNLA National Policy Conference

The RNLA is honored to announce that Sebastian Gorka will be addressing its National Policy Conference on May 5.  Dr. Gorka serves as a strategist and Deputy Assistant to President Trump.  He recently wrote on Trump’s first 100 days foreign affairs agenda and accomplishments.  In this and other areas, President Trump is doing what he campaigned on, in this case in an important speech on August 1, 2016, in Youngstown, Ohio. 

The message was unequivocal and set the stage for a stance wholly unlike the previous 8 years.

Instead of positing poverty or other “local grievances” as the cause for the terrorist violence plaguing the world, the president diagnosed the threat as one rooted in “evil,” promising to take action and speak out against those who “oppress women, gays, and people of different faiths.” This evil, to which the president gave the specific name of “radical Islamic terrorism,” is to be “defeated,” and not “ameliorated” or “degraded,” as the Obama White House had promised.

As Gorka explains:

The 100 day mark is really an irrelevancy. The far more important question is: does a leader keep his promises and what do his actions say about how he has managed the journey from candidate to commander? Whether you voted for him or not, President Trump has answered both questions through his actions. He has made it clear that not only did the U.S. face down the totalitarians of the last century, the global threats of Nazism and Communism, but that we will now deal forthrightly with today’s totalitarians, with those who reject the norms and moral standards we deem universal, be it a terrorist group in South Asia that believes in vicious theocracy, or a secular regime in the Middle East that uses chemical weapons against the innocent.

RNLA is honored to have Dr. Gorka address its National Policy Conference on May 5.