EAC's Bad Apple

Lost in all the news yesterday was the White House announcement of the Republican Commissioner Nominees for the Election Assistance Commission(EAC).  Congratulations to Mr. Masterson and Ms. McCormick.  Now the EAC has four nominees for a full commission.

However, one of these nominees sticks out as not just unqualified, but an incredible partisan without any interest in improving our election process.  That nominee is Myrna Perez. 


Ms. Perez is such an extremist that she has taken positions in opposition to the President’s own Commission on Election Administration (PCEA).  PCEA came out in favor of “list maintenance,” or keeping accurate and up to date voter rolls.  Perez regularly calls such good election practices “list purging” that happens “probably every day.”  Fear mongering important bipartisan efforts such as list maintenance to aid the Democrat Party is wrong for anyone 

involved in elections, let alone a national commission on elections.  


Another purpose of the EAC is to collect accurate information on elections.  Ms. Perez has been caught in rampant exaggerations in the past and is quite frankly not reliable. 


Most damming, she has never worked as an election official.  Her background is built on working for vote-fraud denier and pro-Democrat party groups like the Brennan Center.  Contrast that with the Republican nominees, who have spent their careers working in a non-partisan fashion for open fair and honest elections. 


To be clear, RNLA’s opposition to Perez is not based on her being a Democrat.  We do not oppose her fellow Democrat nominee.  We oppose her because she is an unqualified partisan extremist.


If the President is serious about the EAC, then he should immediately withdraw Perez’s nomination.