Election Fraud at All Levels Poses Risk to Election Integrity

RNLA Advisory Council member Tom Spencer, who has been on the front lines of election law and administration for years in Florida,published an op-ed today outlining the disturbing ways fraud can damage the integrity of our elections

Every day, we learn of new and frightening attacks on the heartbeat of American democracy. Voting machines switching votes from Trump to Hillary Clinton. Voters long since dead being resurrected to vote. Phony registrations being submitted in the names of unsuspecting or fictitious people. Voters requesting mail ballots and then attempting to also vote by machine. People voting in multiple states. Voter rolls intentionally left with millions of ineligible voters or voters who have moved. States permitting voters access to ballots with no photo or skimpy ID. States permitting registration with no actual proof of the citizenship of the voter. 

In my own state of Florida, police officials just arrested a temporary employee of the Miami-Dade Department of Elections who was caught changing votes inside the Elections Department. Project Veritas uncovered horrifying activities of wholesale and retail vote fraud, the buying of votes, and organized theft by election judges at the precincts. 

Indeed, so widespread is this nightmare that many Americans now easily use the phrase, “Vote early and often.” Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia are notorious bastions of vote brokers and vote fixers. Election consultants in those cities know whom they have to buy and what the price is to deliver a winning election. Cash is passed around this underground marketplace to buy phony registrations and produce busloads of voters and buckets of mailed-in ballots. The schemes seem endless. 

To make things even worse, liberals uniformly oppose the requirement of voter ID. Politically correct “progressives,” some in high office and many in the media, deny that these proven cases of fraud even exist. They are brushed off with the importance of parking tickets.

Tom rightly recognizes that Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who has taken this threat seriously and calls on our next President to "lead our nation's recovery by organizing a task force of governors, mayors, election officials, and law enforcement to stop this deadly disease before it destroys the very essence of our Constitution."