Election So Ripe with Fraud, A Do-Over is Needed

While the Eric Holder led Department of Justice is fighting against voter ID in North Carolina denying any fraud ever happens in North Carolina, state officials are taking the opposite view.  A recent local election was so ripe with vote fraud state officials had to step in and order a “do over.”


Voters in the Robeson County town of Pembroke will go to the polls a second time to elect town council members after the State Board of Elections found many “irregularities” in the November election and ordered a new vote.


In a written order released Friday, the state board found that problems “occurred to such an extent in this election that they tainted the results of all the Pembroke municipal elections and cast doubt upon their fairness.” A new election in 2014 was the only appropriate remedy because of the seriousness and number of irregularities, the board found after a lengthy hearing at its meeting last week. It was unclear Friday if a date has been set for the new election.


A brief excerpt from a community Newspaper in North Carolina sums up the age old problem that required the “do over” election:


The do-over election in Pembroke that is scheduled for March 11 is likely to produce results that town’s residents can trust, but it also might provide additional evidence of fraud in the Nov. 5 election for those who stubbornly cling to the notion that there was none — assuming those people exist. . . .


The new election laws aren’t a panacea, but we are gladdened that they will make more difficult the task of stealing elections by driving low- and no-information voters to the polls in exchange for coffee and a donut. In Robeson County, that has been done with impunity, and the salt in the wound is those who are hijacking these elections are also enjoying a pretty robust payday while laughing at the rest of us.


With the new elections laws, the increased scrutiny and the threat of criminal charges, those who profit off of these elections will at the minimum have to work a little harder for their money. At best, they will no longer be the lead character in deciding who governs our communities. The extreme measure of a “do over” election may be a first but the history of vote fraud goes back a while.  This is part of the reason that North Carolina redid their elections in all. 



Eric Holder and his liberal allies on the left will undoubtedly again deny any vote fraud because there have not been any convictions yet.  But a state board ordering a new election speaks volumes to what is really going on in Pembroke, more than any DOJ lawyer sitting in DC.