Elections Overturned by Vote Fraud

For those who believe voter fraud does not exist, here are some of the bizarre stories of voter fraud that took place in just the past six months as compiled by The Daily Signal:

Magoffin County, Kentucky:


In the November 2014 race for county-judge-executive, “people sold their votes” according to evidence. Larry Perkins saw Simon Marshall, a fellow resident of limited intellectual ability, with a new $50 bill, and asked where it came from. Marshall replied, “It is Election Day.” A judge threw out the election results for this and other violations ruling the election a result of fraud and bribery.


Perth Amboy, New Jersey:


Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez, Democratic Chairwoman, took advantage of nursing home residents and coerced them into voting for her husband, Fernando Gonzales, for Perth Amboy City Council. Gonzales won by only 10 votes, which included a blind man, a resident who could not remember her address or voting, and others who testified of the coercion. A Superior Court judge overturned the election results and ordered a new election to be held.


While the Democrats like to claim that Republicans concocted voter fraud, these cases prove otherwise. The initial election results in both races also indicate why every vote counts. The judges correctly chose against rewarding dishonest election practices when they overturned the results wrongly won elections, and we should continue to fight for honest elections.

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