Eric Holder’s Disgraceful Voting Legacy

There is a big distinction between White House Counsel and Attorney General.  The Attorney General is supposed to be the country’s lawyer while the White House Counsel is the President’s lawyer.  Yet, Eric Holder was more political than the White House Counsel.  Actually, he was more like a political party counsel.  Three quick examples. 

  1. In the New Black Panther case, Holder overruled a career DOJ Attorney (who formerly headed a state ACLU chapter) to stop a conviction against two people clearly trying to intimidate voters.  While Holder and Democrats have never been able to find  a documented case of intimidation by Republicans (since it’s non-existent), , they let these perpetrators off.
  2. The Presidential Commission on Election Administration came out strongly in favor of interstate voter registration list maintenance and cleaning up the voter rolls.  This committee was co-chaired by President Obama’s campaign lawyer and former White House Counsel Bob Bauer.  Yet the Department of Justice under Holder had previously announced that they would not enforce laws regarding cleaning up the voter rolls with one of his deputies going so far as to state in a DOJ meeting: “We have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law.
  3. Holder again overruled career DOJ attorneys to file a purely political challenge to appease the far left on South Carolina Voter ID.  Not only did the Department of Justice lose the case but they lost so badly they had to pay legal fees, with American taxpayers footing the bill for Holder’s ideological crusade


Holder regularly overruled career appointees (who by the way were often Democrats) to make political decisions.  He was so political even the Obama campaign lawyer disagrees with him.  A shameful history for a US Attorney General without even going into his record on non-voting matters or voting related matters such as the IRS targeting scandal.