Even More Possible Vote Fraud in NY

New York vote fraud takes many forms.  We have seen it done by a group busing in out-of-area voters for a school board election, an election official tampering with absentee ballots of a senior home she manages, police witnessing teenagers of a religious faith going from poll to poll to impersonate voters, and much more.  Now we allegedly have a new scheme: A developer registering “voters” to vote in favor of his development project. 

With the pro-development Mayor Mark Berentsen facing a spirited challenge, more than 100 new voters have registered to vote in the March 18 contest, many of them using addresses of buildings owned by Lamm in the village.


Community members opposed to the development accuse Shalom Lamm, the developer behind the project, of trying to influence the outcome of the election to ensure Berentsen stays in power.


An example of the alleged fraud is:


In one two-story building, more than 20 people are reportedly now registered to vote. “For the amount of people that are registered, very few new faces are in town,” said Bloomingburg resident Teek Persaud, a member of an anti-development group called the Rural Community Coalition.


Regardless of the truth of the allegation the defense against alleged vote fraud is the same tired one the left puts out.  You are a bigot if you dare ask for a vote fraud investigation.


Lamm has asserted that the harsh opposition to his development project is rooted in anti-Semitic bigotry. . . . “It is a sad day that in 2014 Jews cannot move somewhere and practice their religion without threats of disruption and harassment from ill-intentioned people,” Lamm said in a statement issued to the paper.


It is not too hard to see why people would be opposed to development of their home town.  The proposed development would have a profound effect on the community. That does not mean they are bigots.  On the other hand, it certainly does give a developer a motive for vote fraud.  

What is wrong with investigating this?   As this is New York there is a history of both fraud and denial.  While we know New York based Democrat vote fraud denial groups like the Brennan Center won’t report or investigate this, we hope at least this time in New York the result of an investigation won’t be officials asking the police to be prosecuted for exposing vote fraud.  Knowing New York, we may be hoping for too much.