Facts About the RNC Rules Committee

Much is being made about the RNC Rules Committee meeting being held today.  RNLA will be live tweeting from the Rules Committee hearing.  However, it is important to note what the RNC Rules Committee is and is not. 

The RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules exists to administer the rules passed by the previous national convention delegates and to help govern the party between Conventions.  

The RNC’s Rules Committee does NOT write the convention rules.  To clarify how those are written:

  1. The rules for the 2016 Convention will be decided and enacted by the delegates to the 2016 Convention.

  2. Two delegates, elected from their state delegations, will serve on a Convention Rules Committee that will write the rules for the 2016 convention.

  3. Delegates elected by the grassroots are the only people who will write the rules that will govern the 2016 Convention. 


For more on this, follow the RNLA on twitter today starting at 2 p.m. Eastern at: https://twitter.com/TheRepLawyer