Fall 2021 Newsletter - Whitaker Blasts Biden's Border Crisis

Matt Whitaker, former acting Attorney General of the United States also joined RNLA for our 2021 National Policy Conference.  He is also on the board of America First Legal, an organization founded by former Trump Administration officials to fight executive overreach.

Whitaker’s remarks were a crowd favorite and have been replayed several times on C-SPAN.

He discussed what the Trump Administration did to secure our southern border, and he blasted the Biden Administration for reversing course.

On the Trump Administration, Whitaker said:

“I’ll make a bold statement: We had the border under control in the Trump Administration. Illegal immigration through our southern border had been reduced to a trickle. We were effectively using Title 42 emergency regulations because of COVID to turn people around that tested COVID positive, were unvaccinated, or untested or otherwise.”

Whitaker’s explanation provides a stark contrast to what is currently taking place under Biden’s Border Crisis. Not to mention that the Biden Administration is looking to grant amnesty to millions of individuals who came to the United States illegally.

Whitaker added:

“This administration is trying to do everything by executive fiat, and they’re trying to let as many people in the country as soon as possible in expectation that congress, barely controlled by the slimmest majorities, will grant amnesty to 22 million approximately, an ever increasing number, of people that are coming through our southern border.”

As Whitaker highlighted, the border crisis should be an important issue to Republicans because we stand for the rule of law.

“As Republicans, I think fundamentally in our essence, we stand for strong borders, smart immigration system, that serves the national interest and rule of law. Not ruled by executive fiat, the rule of law. And that means that the laws that congress passes through our representatives and are duly signed by a president should be the law of the land and should be enforced.”

Whitaker’s remarks in their entirety can be watched here.