Final Day of ACB Hearings Exposes How Dems Really Feel

The final day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett showed what we already knew: Senate Democrats incorrectly believe that the courts should make policy decisions.

As the editors of the National Review pointed out:

[T]hey used the hearings for two main purposes: to highlight issues that hurt President Trump rather than ones that are likely to cause her serious trouble, and to stroke the erogenous zones of their base. They have established that Barrett believes that some gun regulations are incompatible with the Second Amendment, that she is pro-life, and that she believes that Chief Justice John Roberts stretched the text of Obamacare in order to uphold it. All of these beliefs should be considered marks in her favor.

They have not established — they have not come within spitting distance of establishing — what they are trying to insinuate: that she would find flimsy legal pretexts for junking Obamacare, or would mow down all gun regulations, or would somehow prohibit in vitro fertilization.

While Senate Democrats were mostly able to avoid her religious beliefs during the hearings, a contentious topic to many on the left, Senator Feinstein was caught on a hot mic discussing the issue during today's hearing:

Senator Feinstein's comments shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. A Democratic candidate for state Senate in Kansas has gone so far as saying that Judge Barrett's religious convictions should be a topic discussed before she is confirmed to the Court.

In contrast, witnesses speaking in favor of Judge Barrett focused on her impeccable character and commitment to the judiciary as an institution:

The Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a vote on Judge Barrett next week. Click to here to sign RNLA's Letter to the U.S. Senate in Support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation as Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.