Former SG Paul Clement to Speak at National Policy Conference on 4/27

The RNLA is pleased to announce that former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement will speak at the National Policy Conference on Friday, April 27.  Tickets and more information are available here.  Unlike previous years, walk-up registration will not be available this year.

Mr. Clement has had a distinguished career of public service and private practice, is one of the nation's foremost appellate and Supreme Court advocates, and is widely regarded as an example of a principled and ethical attorney, after he resigned from his law firm instead of abandoning an existing client when it was no longer politically popular.

He spoke to the RNLA at the National Policy Conference in 2016 on "Scalia and His Legacy on the Supreme Court," which was an excellent analysis of Justice Antonin Scalia's jurisprudence and his immense impact on the legal world and the Supreme Court.  Mr. Clement gave a poignant tribute to Justice Scalia's life, wit, and impact on legal interpretation at the Supreme Court Bar's memorial to the late Justice (beginning at 32:25):

The Justice had a transformative effect on the Supreme Court and the way it decides cases.  His impact on statutory construction, which is the bread and butter of what the Court does, was nothing short of Copernican, with the center of attention returned to the text.  He likewise championed a focus on the text and original public meaning of the Constitution, and he strove mightily to ensure that his methodology for interpreting both statutes and the Constitution produced predictable legal results even when they did not comport with his policy preferences.  His votes to vindicate the First Amendment rights of flag burners are famous examples. . . . 

Just as his opinions will continue to shape the way the law is understood, he will continue to shape the way briefs are written and the way advocates prepare for oral argument.  

This year, we will have a panel focusing in part on Justice Scalia's successor on the Court, Justice Neil Gorsuch.  We are honored for Mr. Clement to address the RNLA in two weeks, and we invite you to join us.