From Vote Fraud to Voter Intimidation: Philly Democrats do it All

Our recent blogs have detailed the multitude of problems in Philadelphia in the last year.  RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen decided to tie them all together in one op-ed in the Daily Caller

At best in Philadelphia, it is hard to say where the incompetence ends and the vote fraud begins.  At worse, Democrats in Philadelphia are using Jim-Crow-style intimidation tactics on anyone who tries to vote for the Green or Republican candidates, or anyone but the Democrats’ chosen candidates.

The problems described by Thielen are not limited to the polling booth:

Democrat supporters in Philadelphia have actually preyed on the elderly, who could not or did not want to vote, let alone register to vote.  At the St. Francis Center for Rehabilitation and Health Care, seniors with dementia, who were unwilling to register or vote, or were otherwise not aware registered and voted absentee in a Democrat Primary.

Or to Republicans:

[R]efusing to allow Green Party supporters to vote, aggressively questioning Green Party voters seeking assistance, and more.   [Pennsylvania Attorney General] Shapiro stated: “One should not chalk these actions up to typical partisanship or typical electioneering.  These were crimes.”

Shapiro stepped up and prosecuted Democrat election officials in one precinct.  The problems are not limited to one precinct.  Please check out the article for more details and unfortunately this blog in the futur,e as there are sure to be more posts on problems with Philadelphia elections.