Get Your Candidate on the Ballot in Every State

The RNLA Presidential Ballot Access Initiative is a collaborative initiative that levels the playing field for all presidential candidates. This project is spearheaded by co-chairs Stefan Passantino and Peter Schalestock who together with the RNLA teamed up with volunteer lawyers from across the country to provide resources and information to presidential candidates interested in getting their names on the ballot during the Republican nomination process. 

If you are an RNLA member we invite you to visit our website HERE to see how your candidate can get on the ballot in each state. If you are not a member we invite you to join the RNLA to gain access to special resources such as this. Additional states will be added every Friday until the list is complete. This week the following states and territories are available:









North Carolina

New Hampshire




South Carolina



We would like to send a special thanks to Stefan, Peter, and all the members who volunteers who worked so hard on this project! We congratulate Stefan on his firm's new merger with Dentons US, LLP. If you have any substantive questions on this project, please feel free to contact Stefan Passantino, finding his contact at

If you have any questions regarding the logistics or member, please contact RNLA’s Executive Director Michael Thielen at [email protected] or Brittany Walker at [email protected].