Graham, Cruz, Blackburn: Court-Packing would End the Rule of Law

Although in the past President Biden described court-packing as a “bonehead idea," he and his liberal allies are now calling for this complete power grab.

Six out of the nine SCOTUS justices were appointed by Republicans; therefore, Democrats want to add more seats, so they can outnumber conservatives. They are shamelessly attempting to change the rules to get what they want.

Today, Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Marsha Blackburn showed leadership in the fight against Democrats' radical call for court-packing.

The three held a press conference in front of the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to share the truth about the dangers of destroying our judicial institutions.

Below are key points made by each Senator today.


Senator Lindsey Graham:

“The road to anarchy is being paved with this agenda… fundamentally changing the makeup of the court would set in motion the end of the rule of law as we know it.”

“Because if the Democrats did it and Republicans got back in charge we would be forced to change the number. The court would become a political football, destroying its independence and the American people would lose faith in the institution.”


Senator Ted Cruz:

“We shouldn’t be debating a radical plan to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court, to destroy judicial independence, and to destroy the rights that are protected in the Bill of Rights. All of those are hanging in the balance.”

“Democrats are trying to rig the system, they are trying to cheat, and break the rule of law. That is a profound threat. Biden is allowing the crazies in his party to tear down the Constitution.”


Senator Marsha Blackburn:

“The Democrats are trying to pack the court to turn it into a super-legislative body so that they have people who are going to rubber stamp everything that they believe. If they are successful – you are not going to see your rights protected.”


The RNLA stands alongside Republican Senate leadership and thanks them for fighting the good fight to preserve the independence of the federal judiciary.



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