Hillary Clinton Even Lies About Whether She Has Been Subpoenaed

Yesterday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi released its March 4th subpoena to the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as a response to Clinton’s claim that she was never subpoenaed. (Watch the full press conference on the Clinton email revelations here.)


Clinton attempted to mitigate the situation in a CNN interview yesterday. Reporters and journalist echoed the thoughts of many who are baffled at the way Clinton continues to evade her lack of transparency throughout the developing revelations of lies. Carl Berstien stated,


[T]here are many self-inflicted wounds because she very often wants to cut a corner on the whole truth. She very often obfuscates.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin notes,

Some of what she says is sort of maybe technically true … but it evades a lot of the issues that people are concerned about, including whether she did turn everything over[.]

After the Benghazi committee discovered Clinton exclusively used a personal email and server for State Department work, the committee issued several subpoenas. The State Department was not the custodian of Clinton’s record, and did not inform the committee or other investigations. This meant no investigation before the Benghazi committee could access Clinton’s official communications. Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy wrote in a press release,

The committee has issued several subpoenas, but I have not sought to make them public. I would not make this one public now, but after Secretary Clinton falsely claimed the committee did not subpoena her, I have no choice in order to correct the inaccuracy.

Gowdy highlights Clinton’s duties despite the subpoena stating,

Secretary Clinton had a statutory duty to preserve records from her entire time in office, and she had a legal duty to cooperate with and tell the truth to congressional investigators requesting her records going back to September of 2012. Yet despite direct congressional inquiry, she refused to inform the public of her unusual email arrangement.

Gowdy also questions the timing of when Clinton decided to attempt to permanently destroy emails.

The Secretary left office in February of 2013. By her own admission she did not delete or destroy emails until the fall of 2014, well after this Committee had been actively engaged in securing her emails from the Department of State. For 20 months, it was not too burdensome or cumbersome for the Secretary to house records on her personal server but mysteriously in the fall of 2014 she decided to delete and attempt to permanently destroy those same records.

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