Hillary Clinton Jumps on the Jim Crow Bandwagon

Hillary Clinton is joining Jesse Jackson and other liberal masters of hyperbole in claiming that Alabama's decision to close several DMV offices due to budgetary concerns is part of "the new Jim Crow."

Clinton, who never allows an opportunity for pandering to pass her by, was quick to decry the closures as "a blast from the Jim Crow past." Since the initial announcement of the closures, Alabama's elected officials have been quick to respond to concerns from the left. Alabama's Governor, Robert Bentley, and Secretary of State, John Merrill, have repeatedly identified the numerous ways in which Alabama citizens can still obtain the necessary photo ID to vote. For example, Alabama'smobile ID van and crew will visit every county in the state by the end of October. Secretary Merrill strongly rebutted claims of voter suppressionsaying: "[a]s Alabama's Secretary of State and Chief Elections Official, I will do everything within my power to ensure every Alabamian is able to exercise their right to vote."

Despite the prompt and thorough response from Alabama's elected officials, Hillary Clinton has refused to let up. Clinton spoke in Alabama this past Saturday and reiterated her "blast from the Jim Crow past" allegations. Governor Bentley critiqued Clinton's comments, saying: "It seems Mrs. Clinton isn't as well versed in Alabama's budgeting process as she is in exploiting a situation for her personal political gain. If she were, she would know the closure of 31 Alabama Driver's License offices is based on a shortfall in funds appropriated by the state Legislature to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency."

Clinton's attacks are not only exploiting a situation for political gain, but they show significant disrespect for the actual struggles suffered during the time of Jim Crow. To compare this non-issue to Jim Crow belittles the genuine oppression of the past in a shameful way.