Hillary Tries to Distract From Her Email Purging Scandal by Accusing Someone Else

Recently, Hillary Clinton attacked Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and accused him of purging voters.  Hillary does not seem to understand the irony of accusing someone of purging in the middle of the scandal regarding efforts to purge or wipe her email. 

More seriously, while according to a Clinton-appointed judge, Hillary’s effort to purge her email violated Obama Administration policy.  Kobach’s effort to clean up lists are generally speaking a policy supported by Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Administration. 


Lastly, unlike Hillary’s efforts to destroy her email forever, Kobach’s “targets”, can easily reapply.  Secretary Kobach earned the right to be a bit catty in his response to Secretary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton attacked our office today on Twitter. She thinks it is an "attack on voting" to give registrants 90 days to complete their registrations by sending or emailing in proof of citizenship (which is way more time than other states give). And what is the consequence of waiting more than 90 days? It's not being "purged" as the left-wing knuckleheads claim. It's just having to fill out the form again. Oh the horror! Hillary is getting her pantsuit in a twist over nothing. #‎pantsuitinatwist


Hillary’s efforts to distract from her own purging efforts are failing as her email scandal continues to grow.