Holder: ID for His Press Conference, but Opposes ID to vote

Attorney General Eric Holder will hold a press conference today in Washington to announce major law enforcement action. Interestingly, a bold notice appears at the bottom of the press release for this event reading:

NOTE: All media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as driver’s license) as well as valid media credentials.


This is a noteworthy requirement, as Eric Holder is one of the fiercest advocates against voter identification. He has unsuccessfully brought litigation in places such as South Carolina to stop voter ID. However, a recent Fox News poll highlights the overwhelming public support for voter identification laws.


Seventy percent of respondents indicated that voter identification laws are needed to stop illegal voting. To date, 31 states have enacted voter identification laws, yet Mr. Holder continues to reject their necessity. Furthermore, the poll shows that support for voter identification laws has remained seventy percent since April 2012. This high-level maintained support speaks the will of the people.



It is ironic that Mr. Holder requires identification for admission to an event discussing law enforcement action while maintaining a position against voter identification laws validly passed by states to protect fair elections.