House Admin Republicans Expose Dem Hypocrisy on Disinformation

On Thursday, the Committee on House Administration's Subcommittee on Elections held a hearing entitled "A Growing Threat: The Impact of Disinformation Targeted at Communities of Color." As Ranking Member Bryan Steil pointed out, the Democrats conveniently left out how they have heavily contributed to election disinformation:

  • President Biden receiving 4 Pinocchios by the Washington Post for his claims about Georgia’s election law.
  • President Biden claiming this year’s midterm elections would be illegitimate if Democrats' partisan voting legislation, like H.R., 1 aren't passed by Congress.
    • Vice President Harris doubling down on these false claims.
  • Stacey Abrams' New Georgia Project conducting blatantly partisan “voter education” in Atlanta public high schools, teaching anti-voter ID lessons.
  • Partisan targeting that occurred with the use of private elections administration funding—including so-called Zuckerbucks—by election administrators.
    • The Center for Tech and Civic Life, working with Mark Zuckerberg and others on the left, poured over $350 million into heavily Democratic areas.

Ranking Member Davis agreed and added:

"We need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture when it comes to truth, free speech, and what each of us is 'allowed' to think or say. When we see information that we believe is untrue, we need to speak the truth even louder. Unfortunately, many on the left would rather police speech, claiming this sort of nanny-state activity is for our constituents’ protection. This type of censorship poses a serious threat to our republic. Silencing those whose opinions you do not agree with is a propaganda and control tactic used by repressive regimes like the Chinese Communist Party, Cuba, and Russia, who believe that freedom of expression is a privilege, not a right."

The Democrat members of the Subcommittee made it very clear how unhappy they were with the Republicans' examples of Democrat disinformation.

Former Congressman Carlos Curbelo's testimony as a first generation Cuban American was especially illustrative of how alarming it is that Democrats are now suggesting that there should be a "truth commission" to decide what kind of speech is acceptable or not:

Free speech is the bedrock of our country – Our constitution protects our right to free speech and expression. Voters should have access to all information and viewpoints – not the ones solely approved by the left (or the right). The idea of a “truth commission” sounds more like it should be coming out of dictatorial regimes like those in Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Russia not from political leaders in the United States. The government should not be involved in arbitrating determinations of “truth” or restricting those who disagree with the majority viewpoint. Americans – natural born or naturalized – are smart enough to determine for themselves what to read, what to watch, what to listen to, and—most importantly—what to believe.

Unfortunately, Republicans' concerns are coming to life. The Biden Administration has announced that the Department of Homeland Security will create a "Disinformation Governance Board" headed by an "expert" who cast doubt on the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Thursday's hearing can be watched in its entirety here.