House Admin Hearing Tomorrow on Voter Registration List Maintenance

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM, the Committee on House Administration is holding an important hearing on "State Voter Registration List Maintenance."  RNLA sent a letter in support of accurate voter registration lists to the Committee today:

While many issues divide along party lines, the need for accurate voter registration lists enjoys bipartisan support . . . . President Barack Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) strongly endorsed state voter registration list maintenance as a way to both help election officials and make the process smoother for voters. In our response to the PCEA’s report, we agreed, pointing out that accurate voter registration lists are essential to ensuring the integrity of election processes and results. 

While there is bipartisan support for the concept of accurate voter registration lists, much work remains to be done in the states. As election administration expert and former state election official Don Palmer testified last month before the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

A series of national level commissions have pointed out the wide scope of the problem concerning the inaccuracies of the voting rolls, and the negative impact on election administration and voter confidence. They have also pointed out the vulnerability of our system to voter fraud and irregularities that result from the inability to maintain accurate voter rolls. 

Maintaining accurate voter registration lists requires resources and consistent effort by local election officials and any assistance or insight that House Administration could provide would be indispensible. Again, thank you for using the Committee’s valuable time and expertise to examine state voter registration list maintenance . . . .

The witnesses are Indiana Secretary of State and current National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) President Connie Lawson and Dale Ho, Director of the Voting Rights Project at the ACLU.  RNLA will be live-tweeting the hearing tomorrow, which will be live-streamed on the Committee website.