RNLA Co-Chair Dhillon: Democrats' Next Election Power Grab

Tomorrow Senate Democrats will fail in their efforts to pass a slightly modified version of S.1 a.k.a. the "Corrupt Politicians Act."  They will say it is because of a filibuster but the reality is they do not even have the support of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.  But the fight for fair and honest elections is far from over.  Democrats will then pivot to H.R. 4, the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act."  The Democrats will lead you to believe that H.R.4 is a compromise that everyone can get behind, but as RNLA Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon points out, H.R.4 is a "trojan horse" to achieve their partisan power grab of U.S. elections. Dhillon writes:

All Americans – particularly Republicans in Congress – need to recognize H.R. 4 for the unnecessary power grab it truly is, and not be fooled by false propaganda about "voting rights. . ." 

H.R. 4 would put more power in the hands of the federal government to control state election procedures, make it harder for states to enact important election integrity safeguards, lower the legal standards for obtaining injunctions, and allow the federal government to use its new power to attack laws in the states well beyond voting rights. 

As Dhillon explains, H.R.4 will use the Voting Rights Act as a vehicle to takeover state elections by reinstating a voting preclearance system:

Without reviving the obsolete preclearance system, Democrats do not have the power to overrule state election rules they do not like. It is far easier for a D.C. bureaucrat to veto a state law through preclearance than to have to fight the law in court, and win. 

H.R. 4 would resurrect the old preclearance system on steroids. Under H.R. 4, a state would be subject to preclearance requirements after "committing" a certain number of voting rights violations, including challenges that do not find discriminatory intent and when the state enters into a consent decree or settlement.  

Why are the Democrats doing this? Because they do not have the votes to pass the "Corrupt Politicians Act."

While a more moderate but still extreme version on the legislation was proposed by Democrat Joe Manchin, Senator Schumer is not even bringing that up.  Instead he is bringing up the original bill with a few minor tweaks, not even the modest bipartisan amendments accepted in committee.  As Senator Lindsey Graham described it: 

"In my view, S.R. 1 is the biggest power grab in the history of the country. It mandates ballot harvesting, no voter ID. It does away with the states being able to redistrict when you have population shifts. It's just a bad idea, and it's a problem that most Republicans are not going to sign — they’re trying to fix a problem most Republicans have a different view of," Graham said on "Fox News Sunday."

The Senate will likely vote not to go forward with the Corrupt Politicians Act tomorrow night on a partisan basis.  Next up will be HR 4. Just like with the Corrupt Politicians Act, H.R.4 should be rejected for the partisan power grab that is is. Both pieces of legislation would destroy the American way of doing elections and are just efforts to elect more Democrats.