President Obama and Democrats Do Not Want to Protect Minorities’ Voting Rights

When a President appoints a commission to fix a problem you would think a President would at least mention the commission or its findings when he discussing the subject. Yet, in the last two weeks President Obama has given a number of speeches on voting, but has failed to mention his own Presidential Commission on Election Administrationheaded by his former White House Counsel and Campaign lawyer, Bob Bauer.



Simple, Democrats led by the President have no interest in fixing elections but rather only have an interest in elections as a political issue. 


Heritage Scholar Hans Von Spakovsky and Peter McGinley point out something interesting:


Last Friday, in a speech at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, President Obama proudly announced that the Justice Department had taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009. The problem with that claim is that, since 2009, the Justice Department has taken on only 39 voting rights cases [2]—and as former Voting Section lawyer Christian Adams points out, only 13 were relate [3]d to protecting minority voting rights. And, with respect to some of the cases in which the department has been involved, it lost spectacularly—such as its false claim that South Carolina’s voter ID law was discriminatory.


Perhaps President Obama misspoke when he overstated the number of voting rights cases by more than 60—or perhaps he was misinformed by his Attorney General, Eric Holder. In fact, the ever-criticized Bush administration had a much better enforcement record with much higher case numbers than the Obama administration, as was outlined in a report [3] released by the Justice Department’s Inspector General in March 2013.


That’s right even on minority rights President Obama’s Department of Justice has done less than the Justice Department he loved to attack that of his predecessor President George W. Bush.  President Obama and many Democrat have no desire to fix elections; rather they only want to talk, mostly untruthfully, about elections for political gains.  This is why President Obama won’t discuss his own commission on fixing elections or work with Republicans on issues such as list maintenance that have bipartisan support.  This is why President Obama speech on elections was in front of Al Sharpton, a well-known perpetrator of vote fraud, and not to organizations such as those of Secretaries of States that actually work on elections. 



FYI, the RNLA has released a detailed analysis of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report that is available here.