ICMYI: NY Ballot Box Stuff Scheme Now Importing People from Israel

In the last two years in New York we thought we had seen it all when it comes to vote fraud but apparently not. In the tiny town of Bloomingburg, New York, voters are even coming from Israel in a scheme, in the words of a judge to “stuff the ballot box.”

In the tiny village of Bloomingburg, New York, the votes on whether or not to dissolve the 420-person village’s government and fold the village into the neighboring Town of Mamakating were reportedly sealed by Sullivan County Supreme Court Judge Stephan Schick.  . . .


The potential dissolution of the village government would strongly favor opponents of a high-density occupancy 396-unit townhouse development that is being markets as Kiryat Yated Lev, an all-Satmar hasidic village that backers clearly intend to subsume and overwhelm Bloomingburg’s existing 420 residents. The development was originally pitched to the village by a Lamm front-man working for the actual developer, Shalom Lamm, who claimed it would be a low-density retirement and vacation home complex complete with a golf course.


Lamm was accused of voter fraud in the village elections held this past spring. He, his family and almost 100 hasidim tried to vote in the election even though they were not village residents. Lamm’s daughter and son-in-law, who had never lived in the village and who both live and work full time in Israel, flew in and tried to vote. Close to two dozen hasidic adults claimed the same Bloomingburg house owned by Lamm as their legal residence, and Lamm – who had in court documents filed in late December in an unrelated case claimed that his legal residence is in West Hempstead, New York miles away from Bloomingburg also tried to vote. All those votes were excluded and a judge lashed out at Lamm and the hasidim for apparent “ballot stuffing.”


Also this past spring, the FBI raided Lamm’s Bloomingburg office and several of his local properties, and Lamm is believed be under criminal investigation.


More vote fraud in the home of vote fraud deniers the Brennan Center and Al Sharpton.  More they will ignore, but fortunately the courts in this case are not.